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Here at K.J. Dugas Construction we’re all about meeting your needs as a customer. The following is a list of the products and services we generally offer, however, if you’re unsure if we have what it takes to complete your project, check in with us. If we don’t have the tools or materials you need, we guarantee we can get them!

Our Gravel Pits

K.J. Dugas maintains three Gravel Pits to maximize efficiency and minimize your costs. We screen and process our materials and have met MaineDOT gravel specifications.

  • Cadillac Pit in Franklin
  • Dugas Pit in Surry
Bank Run Gravel

Most often used as a common fill or for filling in large holes.

1” Minus Screened Gravel

Most often used as a driveway topcoat, concrete slabs, and parking areas

2” Minus Screened Gravel

Most commonly used as a topcoat for roads and driveways

4” Minus Screened Gravel

Commonly used as a gravel subbase for roadways, driveways, and parking areas

Sandy Fill

Also called common fill. Used to help shape lots, lawns, and ground foundations

Screened Sand

Most commonly used for fill around piping, or creating walkways, i.e. patio pavers

Salt sand / Screened salt sand

Ice control

Screened Loam

Lawn and garden

Super Loam

A mix of loam and organic fertilizer (compost) to create plush, beautiful lawn and gardens

Stone Dust

Commonly used in walkways and as a driveway topcoat

3/8” Pea Stone

Used for walkways and driveway coating

1/2” Stone

Used for drainage, walkways, driveways, and landscaping

3/4” Stone

Used for drainage, walkways, driveways, and landscaping

1 ½” Stone


2” Stone


4″ Minus round stone

Ditches and road stabilization

Rip Rap

Drainage, ditches, culverts, inlet/outlet, road stabilization

Bark Mulch

Gardens and landscaping

Wood Mulch

Landscaping with a more natural look

Erosion Control Wood Mulch

Shoe path, D.E.P Certified

Mortar Sand

Mortar, fine grading for patio pavers

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